The legal sector is a very large sector with a high degree of specialization. As with other sectors, globalization and internationalization have created new needs in the sector, including legal translation or judicial translation.

In a globalized world, companies need to share documents with their headquarters, suppliers, customers, etc. For a solidly contractual and trustworthy relationship between each of these actors, it is essential for the legal translation of the documents that companies and clients exchange to be clear and precise.

Legal translation focuses on the translation of documents pertaining to the law and legislation in force in each country. Legal translation involves a high degree of specialization and specificity, due to the relevance of legal texts, whether it is in the area of local government or private practice.

At Amshoglobal, we have native translators with experience and training in the different legal areas, which allows us to cover our clients’ legal translation needs as precisely as possible.

Among our main areas of specialization, we may highlight our translations of:
Contracts, Mergers and acquisitions, Intellectual and industrial, property, Tax documents, Civil law documents, Criminal law documents.

Our language interpretation services provide a professional, efficient Simultaneous Interpretation service suitable for both small group meetings and appointments or for more formal settings such as the courtroom and large conferences across Iraq.

Interpreting can be done consecutively, after each sentence or passage of speech or simultaneously. Here the words are communicated in real time into the ears of the participants so that the meeting can proceed at a normal pace by our skilled interpreter.

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