Hello, we are Amshoglobal. We’re a travel independent travel agency built on a foundation of more than ten years of experience. We are located in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi region.

We believe how we travel matters, so we are specialising in once-in-a-lifetime trips… With a history in delivering we know what it takes to create one-of-a-kind experiences that leave an everlasting impression, broaden your horizon and leave you with stories you’ll continue to share long after you return.

Whether you’d like a sunny package holiday, an all inclusive getaway or something else entirely, taking a personal, yet discreet approach, our agents will engage with you to fully understand your heart’s desires, aspirations and needs ensuring we wholly surpass all your expectations when it comes to creating a dream getaway tailored especially to you.

Let Amshoglobal be your navigator, designer and advisor as you press play on your travel desires. Book your holiday with one of our expert agents today!.

Some of our
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