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Built on a foundation of more than ten years of experience, Amshoglobal is an independent travel agency located in Sulaymaniyah – Iraq.

Whether you’d like a sunny package holiday, an all inclusive getaway or something else entirely, Taking a personal, yet discreet approach, Our agents will engage with you to fully understand your heart’s desires, aspirations and needs ensuring we wholly surpass all your expectations when it comes to creating a dream getaway tailored especially to you.

We provide holidays worth getting excited for. Book your holiday with one of our expert travel agents today.

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Amshoglobal offers you convenience of booking cheap flight tickets and eye riveting deals on competitive prices. Right from selecting your favourite deals on the portal to the choice of destination you want. Catch the fresh and discounted flight deals.

The legal sector is a very large sector, as with other sectors, globalization and internationalization have created new needs in the sector. We can help you make your international relations smooth and accurate. At Amshoglobal, we have experienced translators, which allows us to cover our clients’ legal or real-time translation needs as precisely as possible.

Need a visa? amshoglobal takes care of everything for you. For greater efficiency and to guarantee you the best quality of service, we submit your Visa application files (complete) and, once the Visa has been obtained, we return it to you (depending on the option you have chosen) always within the shortest leadtime.

You want to plan a trip with more people? Amshoglobal will take the hassle and stress out of booking group travel. We're here to make the complex easy, with a little help from our global buying power, relationships with top hotels and airlines, and years of experience in getting groups abroad.

You may be required to have an International driving license to drive in some countries. Simply apply for a International Driver's license at Amshoglobal and we will help you to drive a private motor vehicle around the world without any barrier. As additional feature, this document is useful in many car rentals and local driving authorities for identification, motor vehicle registration or insurance proposes.

We champion the best possible hotel and travel solutions tailored to suit your exacting needs and aligned to meet your strategic objectives. Whether you seek cost reduction, more choice or policy compliance - Accurate communication and quick response from our team of specialists ensures a smooth, no nonsense approach to your hotel booking.

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Do you see yourself stretching out under a shady palm tree? Or maybe your thirst for history will lead you down cobblestone streets paved with tales of the past...

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With just one phone call, you can talk to one of our travel advisors and all your desirable questions can be answered with the speed of light. After that a draft will be created for you.


Reading your wish list carefully, preferred budged and scanning all other information, we finalize the planning and send the recommendations over to you for confirmation.


Once you confirm the planning, the booking process begins. You will be contacted by one of our trusted agents for the final confirmation and payment process of the draft.
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Legal Translation
Legal translation focuses on the translation of documents regarding to the law and legislation in force in each country. Legal translation involves a high degree of specialization and specificity, due to the relevance of legal texts, whether it is in the area of local government or private practice.

In a globalized world, companies need to share documents with their headquarters, suppliers, customers, etc. For a solidly contractual and trustworthy relationship between each of these actors, it is essential for the legal translation of the documents that companies and clients exchange to be clear and precise.

At Amsho, we can help you make your international relations smooth and accurate.


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